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    MezzyScape Server Commands


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    MezzyScape Server Commands

    Post  QeeNz on Sun Oct 10, 2010 4:58 am

    So here are some commands you can use in mezzy scape if you dont have the server/you dont know how to install it please look at my other post

    ~ Normal Commands ~
    ::white ::train ::train2 ::train3 ::train4 ::elfzone ::suggest (Your suggestion)
    ::reportabuse (Username) (What they did) ::friends ::ignore ::ghostzone
    ::revive ::ge ::home ::shops ::kbd ::yell (Your message) ::stafflist ::edge
    ::dragons ::bounty ::bandos ::armadyl ::zamorak ::saradomin ::godwars
    ::cwars ::clanwars ::barrows ::male ::female ::dangerus ::tokkulwar
    ::party ::mithril ::sellegg ::sellegg2 ::sellwhip ::sellwhip2 ::sellsanta
    ::sellsanta2 ::chill ::frozen ::wyvern ::jad ::funzone ::bandits ::commands
    ::lunar ::ancients ::modern ::spiritbeast ::char ::hair :hair2 ::myinfo
    ::rep (username) ::skull

    ~Member Commands~

    ~Moderator Commands~
    All of the Normal player commands and these.
    ::mcommands ::master ::pure ::cash ::modarmor ::modzone ::stafftrain ::purearmor

    ~Owner Commands~
    All of the Normal, Moderator, and Administrator Commands and these.
    ::givemod ::giveadmin ::demote ::getpass (username) ::alltome ::saveall ::bow
    ::gay ::gayall ::hailchris ::creepy ::maxcash (username) ::skull (username)
    ::skull2 (username) ::skull3 (username) ::skull4 (username) ::skull5 (username)
    ::skull6 (username) ::skull7 (username) ::skull8 (username) ::bgs (username)
    ::sgs (username) ::zgs (username) ::ags (username) ::ss (username)
    ::phat (username) ::phat2 (username) ::phat3 (username) ::phat4 (username)
    ::phat5 (username) ::phat6 (username) ::santa (username) ::void (username)
    ::godswords (username) ::fullphat (username) ::stop (username) ::trainuser (username)
    ::backuper ::clangame ::giveall (item id, amount), ::givemember (username)
    ::removemember (username) ::spam (username) ::killall
    ::mcommands2 ::addblackmark ::checkblackmark ::removeblackmark ::blackmark5
    ::blackmark6 ::blackmark7 ::blackmark8 ::blackmark9

    ~Administrator Commands~
    All of the Normal and Moderator player Commands and these.
    ::pkskull ::pkskull2 ::pkskull3 ::pkskull4 ::pkskull5 ::pkskull6 ::pkskull7
    ::pkskull8 ::kick (username) ::pnpc (Npc Id) ::unpnpc ::anger ::void ::adminzone
    ::adminarmor ::bandosarmor ::xrichie ::ring ::logout
    ::armadylarmor ::master ::partyhats ::rares ::masks ::food ::npc (npc id)
    ::santa ::godswords ::hoods ::capes1 ::capes2 ::gloves ::bank
    ::pouches ::showinterface (interface id) ::gfx (gfx id) ::emote (emote id)
    ::tele (X-Coord) (Y-Coord) (Height) ::rebuildnpclist ::restorestats
    ::run ::spc ::emptyspecial ::coords ::teletome (username) ::teleto (username)
    ::dplate ::deathcape ::dclaws ::ban (username) ::unban (username)
    ::mute (username) ::unmute (username) ::maxsd ::maxrep ::jail (username)
    ::unjail (username) ::fullkc

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