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    Money Tip for Runescape


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    Money Tip for Runescape

    Post  QeeNz on Sun Oct 10, 2010 9:35 am


    You need:

    Range: 70
    Combat 90+
    6 Praypotts (for 90)
    21 Sharks
    1 Spade

    You start from Canifis (i think you need a Quest or so)
    Go trough the Swamp and take the boat to Barrows.
    Then you go to the Hills go down with spade and kill each Boss.
    1 Hill is a Way to the Price go down when you killed 5 Bosses.
    Now search the door for the room with the chest.
    There is a Riddle.

    Its very solide.

    Pictures come soon......

    Now you open the chest and get Items for 1M+ or Runes for 80k.
    When you have luck you make with this MUUUCH Money.
    My friend do 7 rounds and: Dharoks axe, torags legs/helmet.

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