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    How to Host and RSPS


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    How to Host and RSPS

    Post  QeeNz on Sun Oct 10, 2010 5:15 am

    I am gonna Tell You Step by Step Guide To make a RSPS-Runescape private server,

    Note: If you have any qestions please tell me

    1. Getting JDK
    You can get the JDK at the following link -its Free

    2. Getting No-Ip
    to get no-ip please register at the following link
    Download no-ip client from the following link

    3. Getting a source
    Look for different sources at

    Source/Client 508 ?b5tejmq4twj ?dxzxwjdnm0z

    4. Having An IP

    Ok open your no-ip DUC after that Host retrieval complete. To add/remove hosts, click here , click the click here after To add/remove hosts!
    -Then after you open it click add host and enter the server ip you want your server to be but wait just make a server name dont change anything else , when your done click "Create Host" , then open your open your no-ip DUC and right click and click "Refresh Host List" and your done!

    5. PortForwarding

    if your using wireless that means your done and dont do this step!
    -if your using a router you must follow the following link : - Port Forwarding Guides Listed by Manufacturer and Model
    -choose your router and click it then it says what game you want to portforward , simply just click a any game , when your done make sure your portforwarded at port "43594" so just ingore the other port of the game you choose.

    6. Starting Server/making yourself owner

    open your server files and then look for a bat called RUNSERVER.BAT or RUN.BAT (on 508 first go into cmd).
    -now making your self owner on 317. Open a file called "characters" , open it and then look for your name and open it , then edit the "character-rights = 0" just change it and make it 3 for owner and 2 for admin and 1 for mod and 4 for hidden admin!

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